Your Opinion Matters

Your Opinion Matters


Hey All,

This site has been up and running for over a year. I love reviewing massage tables. I use them so much during the course I teach and my daily work, it is not much extra effort to me.

But everyone wants to hear from you. I read reviews on Amazon during my research and I see so many unhappy therapists. They don’t get what they think they are buying and when the table arrives damaged or breaks early on, they don’t get much recourse from the retailer. Amazon and eBay let faceless sellers hide. They often don’t have any real business and because they are not directly customer facing, they can get away with more. They can quote the distant selling regulations and make the customer pay for any return.

Specialty retailers who have a customer facing presence and a good reputation treat their customers well and sort out any problems quickly and efficiently with as little hassle to the customer as possible.

That’s why the other therapists out there and I want to hear from you.

Have you had a bad experience with a massage table or retailer? Let us know.

Have you had a good experience? Let us know that too.

Please send a Facebook message over at

Please include:

  1. What has went right or wrong.
  2. How long you have had the couch and when the problem appeared.
  3. Have you contacted the retailer and what was the outcome?
  4. Any photos of the damage would be really helpful including the logo of the table to identify it.
  5. Your name and location. Just your first name is fine if you wish.
  6. Anything else you want to tell us

Thank you so much for helping others avoid the same mistakes so many fall foul too.