About Me

Hi my name is Stephen. I’ve been a practicing massage therapist in London for over 19 years. I set up this site as a project for a night course I’m doing in web design back. And I hope you enjoy it.

I am a qualified BSc Sport Therapist from London Metropolitan University. I have my own clinic but also treat at other friends Meclinics and gyms around the city to maximise my business and number of clientele. I have been a practicing massage therapist for 19 years since 2000.

Separate to being a massage therapist, each year I set myself a new challenge outside of my main full time career.  Last year it was to learn the guitar and be able to play a full Coldplay album by the end of the year. Although I wouldn’t put myself on stage I did a pretty good job at the family new years eve party by the end of the year.

This year I decided to go to night class to learn how to design and set up my own website. I have one for my own massage business and wanted to stop paying people to maintain or make changes to it. I need to be able to maintain it and make any changes myself whenever I needed.

I am three months into the web design course at West London College which I highly recommend if you want to learn web design as a hobby. One of our course projects is to set up a new site from start to finish. The instructions from our tutor is that the website needs to help people and be simple to use. We don’t pass the web design course unless we fully complete the site and get the thumbs up from our tutor so feel free to leave a comment below so I can show him ;).

I struggled with what type of website to set up. I was going to put up a “how to learn guitar in one year site” but there are millions of learn guitar sites out there and was quickly told to get real by friends and family!!. Then I had a light bulb moment!

Because I have been a massage therapist for so long and I often teach some classes at a local massage training course, many friend and student therapists often ask my advice on which massage table to buy because I have been in the business so long.  Also, I often end up changing or buying a new massage table every few years. I think over my 15 years as a therapist I’ve owned over 10 different massage tables.

To avoid how expensive this could become I often just keep my current massage table in excellent condition, sell it when I want to and buy the latest one on the market or one that has just been released and has some new feature that I think would add to my clients comfort or make my treating them a little easier.

Over all, once I sell my own massage table, which will have been very much cared for, I end up spending an extra couple of hundred pounds every 1-2 years which I think is well worth it considering it’s an essential part of my profession.

I’m a professional and like to portray a professional image and offer a professional experience to my clients and I think the above methods help me maintain that high level of service I not only expect to give but also receive when I visit other massage therapists.

There is a huge range of massage tables on the market to choose from. So I understand how daunting it is for students, new therapists and even experienced therapists a like.

On the right hand side above I have listed my top choices. These are the best massage tables currently on the market in 2019 based on:

1) My own experience owning them
2) Trying out or borrowing friends massage tables
3) Trying out the massage tables in the training rooms at the local college I teach at
4) Visiting retailers showrooms to try different models out
5) Feedback from talking with other therapist friends who own these massage tables

I will update the site as regular as I can or when I have experience of a newer or better model on the market.

If you have any questions I may be able to help with please either ask in the DISQUS box below or if it is a question related to a review please ask the question on that specific review page.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and stopping by the site.


  • Josh Capper

    Hi Stephen, firstly thanks so much for this website, there seems to be a genuine lack of impartial advice on what massage table to buy, so this is genuinely very helpful. I am just about to start studying for a diploma in sports massage but i am looking for a good professional table that will last.

    At the moment i am torn between the Earthworks Harmony and Affinity 8. I was just wondering if you have any experience of using the Affinity 8 or other Affinity tables? I was drawn to it because i am only 5″ 7″ and it is narrower in the middle of the table. Anyway any advice would be great and thanks once again for putting the already existing reviews online


    • mtruk

      Hi Josh, Thanks for your comments. Apologies for the delay in replying. Whatever way I set up the comments system, I didn’t get any notifications!

      I did actually use and check over the Affinity 8. It is a great profrssional table. All the Affinity tables are high quality professional massage tables. You cannot go wrong with them.

      However, you shouldn’t be comparing the affinity 8 with the eartowkrs harmony. The Earthworks harmony has a lifting back rest and the Affinity 8 is a flat massage table.

      One of the first decisions you should make is whether to go for one or the other. I.e. decide you want a massage table with a back rest or not. Then you can start comparing the models with back rests or without a back rest.

      At 5’7′ I would say you are pretty much average when you take all male and female therapists together. Manufacturers make massage tables to suit all heights as they don’t want to leave anyone out. So I wouldn’t say you need a table made for shorter therapists. At 5’7 you can handle a normal width massage table no problem unless you have some problems with your back.

      If you need any more advice or if there is anything else I may be able to help with please let me know

      Steve :)

      • Josh Capper

        No worries at all

        I think i’ve decided to go for the earthworks comfort flat as i don’t need a backrest and it’s a little cheaper than the Affinity 8. Based on your review of the Comfort Flat it seems a good option for me.

        Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.

        Josh :)

      • Max

        Hi there, if you need a lifting backrest then check out the Affinity
        Athlete – it is the 8 with a liftback :)

  • Sofya


    How I cane buy delta light II
    28 inch massage table please?
    Delivery Mallorca
    I looking for more info and not sure how and what to do …

    Looking for 2 mobile – light massage table to do outcall cervices
    And so far , looks like this model could be the option … What’s your recommendation plaase ?

    Thank you

    • Stephen

      Hi Sofya,
      Thanks for dropping by!
      I don’t want to recommend any individual retailers on this site. It’s a not for profit project and I don’t want anyone thinking I get commission from a retailer.
      Just google search the massage table name (Porta-lite Delta II) and there should be a number of retailers to choose from.
      Take care, Steve.

  • Edouard Woog

    HI, I’m the inventor of the ofyr massage table, i would like to introduce it in this blog, it might be of certain interest for some readers. It is a full size table that becomes much smaller once folded. http://www.ofyr.com

    • Stephen

      Hi Edouard, thanks for stopping by. I have taken a look at your website.

      I love to see new innovation in the industry. May I ask what problem you were trying to solve? Was it simply to be able to carry a smaller item and have a smaller item to store?

      • Edouard Woog

        It’s all about making it easier to carry, it is more compact.

        Edouard Woog

  • Scott White

    Hi Stephen,
    I noticed you reviewed the BodyPro Traveller but I cannot find it for sale anywhere. I has also been recommend by a friend (another experience therapist) and it suits my need perfectly, I you could advise, that would be much appreciated.

    • Stephen

      Hey Scott, thanks for your message. It’s a great table but I took down the review temporarily as a few people emailed me saying it was sold out everywhere. One of the people who emailed me said they contacted BodyPro and were told it would be back in stock around July 2016 and they also have a new model called the BodyPro Active coming out then which is along the same lines. Hopefully I will get to review that one when it launches. Good luck with your search!

      • Scott White

        Hi Stephen

        Thanks for getting back to me. I may now go for the Kingston AirPro. I seems to be very decent, I’m not sure if you have any knowledge of this table? It has been recommend to be by an experienced therapist.

        • Stephen

          Yup, checked it out before but it’s way too narrow in my opinion. A lot of people will be uncomfortable and can’t put their arms by their sides! Did you notice the width?

          • Scott White

            Just had another look and maybe 65cm is a bit narrow then? Hmmmm….I guess it’s back to the drawing board! Haha How can choosing a massage table be so challenging!

          • Stephen

            lol! It’s not challenging! I’ve made it so easy for you :) .

            Jokes aside. Choose the style that suits you best and forget about pricing. The best couch for you in terms of function and reliability will pay itself back ten fold. People care about budget too much and then end up buying another couch which turns out even less economical overall. The reason there are so many massage tables (excluding cheap nasty ones) is because different therapists have different needs. Once you know your need, and you ignore price, it becomes easy! Go with the best, be the best!

          • Scott White

            Well, the Porta-Lite Delta 2 seems to be one of the best, great reviews from you and others. Would you say it would be suitable for Osteopathic techniques also?

          • Stephen

            Probably not Scott. I would say you need a harder bed for the type of work you do. I’d say the Earthworks harmony would be better for any manipulation. I know both Ostopaths and Physiotherapists who work for the English & Welsh rugby teams use the Earthworks harmony when travelling with the team. If you are going to be carrying a lot, it’s obviously not as light as the delta but you can get a wheeled cart of some sort.

          • Scott White

            Just to let you know, I went for the Stronglite Versalite Pro. Got a pretty good deal and it seems absolutely rock solid. Cheers for your help Stephen

  • Melissa Williamson

    Hi Stephen, have you ever tried the inner strength E2 massage table by Earthlite? It looks affordable and good quality but I’m struggling to find many reviews on it. Thanks!

    • Stephen

      Hi Melissa. Thanks for dropping in :)! It is the same as the BodyPro Deluxe table in terms of foam density and upholstery and design but the BodyPro model has cross brace beams for better lateral stability. Also the inner strength brand is from USA and owned by a new york investment bank. I would prefer to buy British where possible and also support manufactuers that care about and support the massage industry. It’s like a big US chain like massage envy coming into the UK (which i think they are planning to) and putting our jobs as UK therapists on the line by basically becoming the macdonalds of massage!!

      • Melissa Williamson

        Thank you! My only issue with the BodyPro is that I can’t seem to find it in 30in width and prefer to use a wider table, which is why I wasn’t drawn to it. I will keep searching. And yes, definitely good to support the local businesses as much as possible.

  • Carolyn Huang

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  • Selina Kizildagli

    Hi Steve
    I have a budget of £200 for a portable table. In your opinion should i save a bit more or can i get a decent table for this price? After reading your reviews and having bought and returned a Quirmed wooden table, i think i’d rather opt for an aluminum table. If you could offer your advice and perhaps suggest a table i would be very grateful!
    Warmest wishes