About Me

Hi my name is Stephen. I’ve been a practicing massage therapist in London for over 19 years. I set up this site as a project for a night course I’m doing in web design back. And I hope you enjoy it.

I am a qualified BSc Sport Therapist from London Metropolitan University. I have my own clinic but also treat at other friends Meclinics and gyms around the city to maximise my business and number of clientele. I have been a practicing massage therapist for 19 years since 2000.

Separate to being a massage therapist, each year I set myself a new challenge outside of my main full time career.  Last year it was to learn the guitar and be able to play a full Coldplay album by the end of the year. Although I wouldn’t put myself on stage I did a pretty good job at the family new years eve party by the end of the year.

This year I decided to go to night class to learn how to design and set up my own website. I have one for my own massage business and wanted to stop paying people to maintain or make changes to it. I need to be able to maintain it and make any changes myself whenever I needed.

I am three months into the web design course at West London College which I highly recommend if you want to learn web design as a hobby. One of our course projects is to set up a new site from start to finish. The instructions from our tutor is that the website needs to help people and be simple to use. We don’t pass the web design course unless we fully complete the site and get the thumbs up from our tutor so feel free to leave a comment below so I can show him ;).

I struggled with what type of website to set up. I was going to put up a “how to learn guitar in one year site” but there are millions of learn guitar sites out there and was quickly told to get real by friends and family!!. Then I had a light bulb moment!

Because I have been a massage therapist for so long and I often teach some classes at a local massage training course, many friend and student therapists often ask my advice on which massage table to buy because I have been in the business so long.  Also, I often end up changing or buying a new massage table every few years. I think over my 15 years as a therapist I’ve owned over 10 different massage tables.

To avoid how expensive this could become I often just keep my current massage table in excellent condition, sell it when I want to and buy the latest one on the market or one that has just been released and has some new feature that I think would add to my clients comfort or make my treating them a little easier.

Over all, once I sell my own massage table, which will have been very much cared for, I end up spending an extra couple of hundred pounds every 1-2 years which I think is well worth it considering it’s an essential part of my profession.

I’m a professional and like to portray a professional image and offer a professional experience to my clients and I think the above methods help me maintain that high level of service I not only expect to give but also receive when I visit other massage therapists.

There is a huge range of massage tables on the market to choose from. So I understand how daunting it is for students, new therapists and even experienced therapists a like.

On the right hand side above I have listed my top choices. These are the best massage tables currently on the market in 2019 based on:

1) My own experience owning them
2) Trying out or borrowing friends massage tables
3) Trying out the massage tables in the training rooms at the local college I teach at
4) Visiting retailers showrooms to try different models out
5) Feedback from talking with other therapist friends who own these massage tables

I will update the site as regular as I can or when I have experience of a newer or better model on the market.

If you have any questions I may be able to help with please either ask in the DISQUS box below or if it is a question related to a review please ask the question on that specific review page.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and stopping by the site.