Porta-lite Delta II 2024

Porta-lite Delta II 2024

The Porta-lite Delta II massage table has been on the market a good few years now and has stood the test of time with many therapists around the country. It is also a table I personally own, use the most and recommend to my colleagues and students.

To sum it up quickly, It is a very well built, strong, very comfortable lightweight massage table. I would go as far to say it is a super lightweight table.

The Delta comes in 3 different sizes. The delta I is 25 inches wide and is made for smaller height therapists or for those therapists who want an even lighter table than the delta II and are willing to give up a few inches width to save more weight. Although not much difference to the Delta I, the Delta II is the one I am reviewing and it comes in a 28 and 30 inch option.

I use the 30 inch option to give my clients even more room. But I am tall myself and I treat lots of larger size athletes. For most therapists the 28 inch would be a better fit as it is lighter than the 30 inch and will cater for the majority of the population.

I genuinely think this is by far the best massage table on the market. I’ve owned it since 2012 and it is the one table I have held onto the longest. It gets 20+ treatments a week and is still going strong.

Although it is specifically designed as a professional lightweight massage table for mobile work, it is also an excellent choice for any purpose as the strength, reliability and comfort factors equally make this massage table what it is.

There are a number of different aspects that make up the build quality of a massage table. These include the foam, leather and aluminium etc. To make it as easy as possible to compare all the different massage tables, I have rated the build quality and each aspect of this model individually below.

If you have any question or I can cover anything else please ask me anything in the comments section below.



Porta-lite Delta II Professional Ligtweight Massage Table

Porta-lite Delta II Professional Ligtweight Massage Table



    Build Quality


      Strength & Stability






            Face Cushion


              Height Adjustability



                • - Very Light at only 11.3Kg's
                • - Foam is very comfortable
                • - PU leather very durable & soft
                • - Very easy to heigh adjust
                • - Very strong aluminium frame
                • - Plush Ergonomic Face cushion


                • - Aluminium tables cost more