BodyPro Deluxe 2023

BodyPro Deluxe 2023

The BodyPro deluxe is a high quality massage table at a an almost entry level price. I’ve seen it at some places for under £200 which is great value for the features.

The foam is 8cms thick and you can really feel the extra comfort on this one. It has both breath hole options which I always recommend as you can choose which one you prefer and switch up for certain clients when the other one is more suitable. The breath hole in the table is very generous.

The PU leather is luxurious and soft to touch yet this type of leather is actually more durable. The face cradle slots in both ends too so you can use the holes on one end for some other attachments such as a length extender or a couch roll holder.

The wood is a very nice white oak colour and the legs have double height adjustment knobs for extra strength and security.

Easy access end panels make sitting on a stool more comfortable for head, neck and reflexology treatments.

The carry case is a step up from other carry cases as it has foam padding on the bottom of the case.

Another great feature is that it has shiatsu release cables. This lets you release the leg cable system so that the table can be used on the ground. This is handy for shiatsu and thai massage.

One of the problems with cheaper massage tables is that they rock a lot. This model has what is called a cross brace which is basically a wooden support beam running from one side of the legs to the other. It prevents the table from moving or rocking during treatment.

The thicker foam and wooden construction make this a heavier table than it’s aluminium counterparts so I would call this a semi-mobile massage table. Not so bad if you are taking it to and from your car but if you need to be carrying it on your shoulder a lot I would choose an alumimium massage table instead.

If you own or have used this table please let other readers know what is like to use in the comments section below



BodyPro Deluxe Massage Table

BodyPro Deluxe Massage Table



    Build Quality


      Strength & Stability






            Face Cushion


              Height Adjustability



                • - PU Leather Soft & Durable
                • - Foam is very comfortable
                • - Reinforced corners
                • - Shiatsu release option
                • - Easy access end panels
                • - Face cradle can fit in both ends
                • - Foam lined carry case
                • - Has both breathe holes
                • - Excellent price


                • - None