eBay Cheap Massage Tables 2023

I received a message from Linzi and she kindly included some photos. She wanted to prevent anyone else from wasting money on a cheap massage table. Her tutor had advised her not to purchase an expensive massage table (She was told that ones on Ebay are exactly the same but without the brand name). She went with his recommendation and is very disappointed. To quote Linzi….

“It measures 24 width! When you lay on it, it is uncomfortable as you can feel the wooden board. It is also a pale yellow rather than cream! I have learnt the hard way!”

Price paid: £80

Bought from: eBay

What’s wrong?: Although it looks ok in the photos on the internet, the foam is way to thin and squashes too easily so you can feel the wood underneath. It is also too narrow for most people to fit comfortably on. THe colour is also a horrible off yellow rather than a cream, nothing like the picture on eBay.

Result?: She bought another table after only a few weeks of using this. It was too uncomfortable to lay on. This time she went with a massage table valued over £280.


sunrise beauty cheap massage table

Cheap massage table



This is for your tutor Linzi, I hope you can send it to him!!!


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